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Find Places To Eat, Drink, Relax, Shop – And Reviews From Real People!

I’m always running around town, either for work, errands, or pleasure. I can’t pretend to know every single place to eat or drink, let alone how good or bad it is! This is why really appreciate having Yelp on my iPhone.

I can search for and find any business I want that’s near me! Restaurants, bars, fast food joints (easy on the burgers, though), shops, and just about anything, really. You can also do searches by price, what’s open, distance from where you are, and more.

Here’s the best thing about Yelp: each place usually have reviews from real people who’ve been there and know what it’s like! I’ve found most reviews to be honest and pretty spot on. Of course you can draft reviews, add photos, and quick tips, too. And that’s part of the fun you can have with this app.

Also, remember OpenTable? Yeah, you can make reservations with it without leaving Yelp! Super helpful.

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Yelp (Best Free Apps)

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