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Visual Thinking & Planning With Whiteboard Share

I don’t know about you, but I am a visual thinker. When my team at work is brainstorming, we head right to the conference room and start working on the whiteboard. The only issue is that I hate having to take notes while everyone is tossing great ideas out there on the board. Either I feel like I’m missing some of the conversation while I’m writing notes, or I walk out with no notes and might forget some of the finer points made.

Now, I don’t have to worry it. With the Whiteboard Share app, I can still be a full participant in any sessions we have, and don’t have to waste time note taking. The app is really simple to use. As the discussion is going on, or afterward, I take a picture of the whiteboard, all the info is stored on my iPhone. I then can email it to myself with notes, or to other team members, or even save it in Evernote. The Whiteboard Share app has really improved our teams process allowing for greater productivity and creativity at strategy sessions.

You can download the app right here, for free!

Whiteboard Share (Best Free Apps)

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