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Curate Your Own Content And Read It Later With Pocket

Ever browse the internet, come across a really interesting article and then get interrupted? More often than not, by the time you get back online, you’ve forgotten about the article, had to move on, or just plain got distracted. It can be really frustrating, right?

Pocket solves that problem. This sweet little app (formerly called Read it Later), enables any user to save pretty much anything of interest they find on the web and save it for later. Now, anytime there is a distraction, be it at home, at work, in the airport, you name it, just save what you were into on Pocket. Then, minutes, days or weeks later, at a free moment in line or during lunch open the Pocket app and, boom, there is a list of everything organized and saved.

The app creates it’s own layout of your articles that reminds me very much of Flipboard – clean, simple, minimalist design that makes reading a priority – and easy.

This is a perfect productivity tool for people on the go, now things won’t ever get missed, and the information will always be right at your fingertips for access later.

Click here to download this app for free!

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