Top 10 Free Photography Apps

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Top 10 Best Photo Apps

So, because you love your iPhone so much, you’ve been taking photos in droves. I know I have, and continue to. I’ve even had to delete some to make room for more! You probably know about Photosynth and Instagram but there are some other really cool photo apps out there you should check out.

We put together  a Top 10 free photography apps for you. Most of these apps focus on collecting, curating, editing, and sharing photos in all sort of ways. You can download all apps for free, just click on the titles, icons, or the download link!

You can find some great photo tips in this article and here too, from Mashable.

10. Viddy

Viddy Free AppTake a short video, add a vintage filter, throw some Snoop as the soundtrack and send to your adoring followers via social media.

Now, I love photography, but I’ll be honest, video has always been a little bit daunting. Viddy is a sick little app that lets me take 15 second videos, add a cool filter, music (yes, music), and then share my art with the world on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

What I love about Viddy is that the features are super easy to use. With the free packs, I can add different filters like black and white, bling and retro to give a cool vibe to my videos. And, the fact that I can add a soundtrack is amazing. Now, I always have my video ready to catch any cool moments and share them with my friends.

Click this link to download it for free!

9. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Free AppQuick and dirty way to make easy touch ups to your photos.

Ever take an awesome photo on your iPhone, and then notice your thumb kind of in the corner, or the sunset isn’t quite as pretty in the picture? Now you can always make sure iPhone photos look amazing with this app.

BeFunky is pretty powerful and it offers a ton of features. Favorite are the effects: retro, pinhole, vibrant, lomo, and sepia are just some of the 25 offered. You can add a cool frame around the photo, making it look like an old school film strip or even a postage stamp. Beyond just the fun effects, BeFunky does have some nice photo editing capabilities, the ability to make adjustments to the saturation or sharpness and crop all the shots.

And, with easy ways to share photos on Facebook and Flickr accounts, never have to wait to get home to make any finishing touches.

Click this link to download it for free!

8. Pic Collage

Pic Collage Free AppHave all your pictures organized in photo collages before you even get home from your trip. Jealousy guaranteed.

I hate it when I go somewhere cool, take a bunch of photos with my phone and then have to scroll around to find them. With this app, I can make a collage of my pictures all organized by date, location or even friends, it’s probably the easiest organizer I’ve found for the iPhone. It also comes with a mini photo editing program, so I can crop some of the bigger pictures, or change the boarders so they all match.

My favorite feature is the fact that I can use pictures not only from my own phone, but from my Facebook account and even my friends Facebook pictures! I can pull these pictures in to make really memorable collages for our trips, or even a night out in the city, and then share them later via Facebook, email and Twitter.

Click this link to download it for free!

7. PiciBooth

PiciBooth Free AppNo need to wait till the carnival is in town, get your own photo booth style pictures!

Everyone loves a photo booth, right? Right? But, honestly, they aren’t a really common occurrence in everyday life. Not anymore, now you can carry a photo booth, right in your pocket.

This app is that it’s simple and fun. You can use either the front or rear facing camera, with all your friends in close, and then apply any of the available filters to give the photo a bit of character, favorites are vintage and retro. And, since the PiciBooth allows sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and via email, everyone can automatically have a copy.

This app is a fun and easy way to add a bit of flavor to your photos and make them stand out a bit from your standard iPhone shots.

Click this link to download it for free!

6. Piictu

Piictu Free AppFull conversations, no words, only photos.

This app is so unique and I love it. Basically, with Picctu I take a picture (can be of anything), and start a stream with it, then sit back and relax because my friends and people all over the world respond back to me, only using their own pictures, awesome right? There is no way for people to comment on any of the pictures, so it’s kind of like my own little world-wide art project.

And, this isn’t just a one way thing, I can jump on any of the other photo streams as well, adding my own picture, and thus, joining into the ‘conversation.’ It’s a lot of fun to join in on streams, because it’s so interesting to see where people are and what kinds of pictures they are taking.

I can share any of my pictures on Facebook and Twitter to get even more people involved.

Click this link to download it for free!

5. Color Effects

Color Effects Free AppSwitch up the color effects in any photo.

I always think its fun to play around with the colors in a picture, do black and white with a bright pop of color, or invert the sky and the ground colors. This app is perfect for that. Super simple and easy to use, I can re-color images, remove color and convert to grayscale.

What I also really like about this app is that I can use pictures I’ve already taken that are on my Facebook page or in my iPhotos on my computer. Which is awesome when I can go back into my photos and really enhance them by changing up the colors.

With many apps now, Color Effects lets me share on both Facebook and Twitter as well as email, but what I might like the best of all the options is the postcard choice. I love creative ways to share my photos, and for that this app is definitely where it’s at.

Click this link to download it for free!

4. Flickr

Flickr Free AppAll your photos in one place, easy, simple, convenient.

Some people are photo fans, taking a million pictures basically everywhere they go. In the dark days before had Flickr was available to the iPhone, they had to wait till they got home, uploaded photos from their phone to their laptop and then set them up on Flickr via the web.

Now, take a picture on my phone, and a click later, it’s uploaded into the Flicker stream. Perfect for when on vacation because geo-tagging can be enabled, that way, there will always be the right information with pictures, and theres no going back and try to remember what picture was taken where.

And just as with the web version of Flickr, there is capability to still follow friends and family to see their latest photo activity, and search for photos in other people’s photo streams, all right at your fingertips.

Click this link to download it for free!

3. Pixable

Pixable Free AppIt’s almost like Twitter for pictures. #Awesome.

I never miss photos now with Pixable! The little app elves that work inside my iPhone have taken all of the pictures that my friends friends post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube and puts them all in one place for me to check out.

Proabably the coolest feature of this app, I’d have to say, is that you can slap a few hashtags on your photos to identify them, or find like photos in all your feeds. I’m able to sort my photos, and set up my other favorites with the proper hashtags for later use.

Not only that, but I can scroll through things like the most popular photos and videos, I hate it when my friends post a great picture or video on Twitter and I miss out on the conversation, that never happens anymore, because those shots are right there for me in Pixable. And, when I do comment on a photo or video, Pixable syncs it to both my Facebook and Twitter streams, multi-tasking at its finest!

Click this link to download it for free!

2. Animoto

Animoto Free AppMake a video out of photos, set to music and share it!

How does this little gem work? Basically, it enables you to sync your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa accounts (as well as a few others), into a photo stream. I can then decide on the styles that the pictures will be viewed in, add text if I want, and then add music. The app comes with some songs, but I like to pull in mp3’s from my iTunes Library. Then, all through the magic of appland, my little video is good to go.

I can share it on Facebook, on my blog, on YouTube, and even on a DVD if I wanted to set it up that way. This is a perfect app to send videos of special events like birthday parties, weddings and vacations that allows me to add a personal touch and make it fun.

I’m loving Animoto. It’s a really amazing way to be able to share pictures with friends, family and social networks.

Click this link to download it for free!

1. Frametastic

Frametastic Free AppMake amazing composition groups of photos and share them online!

This app is so cool. It sets up anywhere from one to four photos into really interesting and beautiful compositions. Frametastic takes a bunch of photos that would ordinarily be ‘nice’ and really kicks it up to wow! It’s a perfect tool to use when I’m taking a grouping of pictures like friends at a party, or while hiking in the woods, now I can make one really nice composition, as opposed to just looking at the same photos in a row.

What I love about this is that it has both lens effects and background themes to choose from to customize my photos. Being able to chose these options makes a huge difference, and really brings up the level of my pictures presentation.

And, of course, what would a great photo app be without the ability to share! Frametastic let’s me send my picture compositions on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, email, and even as a postcard!

Click this link to download it for free!


So, that’s it for this time! We will continue to review more kick-ass photo apps and post them here – maybe even an updated top 10 list, as there are so many good apps!

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