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Expensify Makes Expense Reports Ridiculously Easy

Expense reports are a pain in the you know what. Between being on the road, keeping track of flights and hotels, also remembering to grab receipts for meals and cab fare can be a daunting task. More often than not, something gets lost or goes missing and then its such a hassle to get that information back.

Expensify is a true lifesaver. Not only will it keep track of travel information, like flights and hotels, it also syncs right up with banks and credit cards to automatically keep track of charges. It even allows the use of the iPhone camera to take pictures of cash transactions and receipts and then scans the information right into a spreadsheet.

Another great feature is that it works for keeping track of miles as well. It has functions for not only entering the odometer numbers, but also tracking via GPS.

Once the business trip is done, Expensify then uploads all the transactions related to the trip into a simple pdf expense report, which can then be forwarded via email right back to the company for approval.

Click here to download Expensify, for free!

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