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Get Diagnosed Instantly And Anywhere with WebMD

Based off the popular medical website of the same name, the WebMD app allows users to use a variety of features in order to research and improve health making decisions. This app has many really usable and important features, including essential basic first aid information, a symptom checker, a drug and vitamin database, and a pill identification tool.

Users can check the WebMD app if they are on the road or on vacation and need emergency room access, or even to just find the closest pharmacy when away from home. Another great tool that WebMD provides is the extensive drug database. This provides great information on medicines, vitamins and even supplements to alert the user to any side effects, warnings and and the proper usage of anything they would be taking.

This app is one of those must haves in any iPhone users arsenal, especially for those who travel or are not often connected to the internet, or who don’t have access to the full WebMD site when away from home.

Click here to download this app for free!

WebMD (Best Free Apps)

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