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An Accurate Meteorologist?! In My Pocket?

If the iPhone already has a built-in weather app, why would you need another one? Well, I mostly want something more than just the temperature and weather indication. For me, Weather Underground is detailed enough without being too crammed with useless information. It’s the most accurate forecast app I’ve come across, which says a lot. I guess being a meteorologist is the only job you get to keep and get paid for despite being wrong most of the time.

Everyone needs the weather updates, right? This app feeds info from over 20,000 weather stations across the US to provide really localized weather information, not just a general overview from the information on a city nearby. You can personalize weather stations, too, which is pretty useful, and be your own meteorologist by sharing weather via Twitter (yep, it’s integrated).

Weather Underground also provides hour by hour, day by day, weekly, and even monthly weather reports, a seven day forecast and snow and winter sports reports. Favorite locations can also be set, to see weather in a place a trip is planned to, or in a place where family and friends are located. The app also uses Google Maps to show an animated radar and temperature images over it, with satellite and webcam images as well.

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Weather Underground (Best Free Apps)

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