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Cho-cho Your Way To Addiction With Trainyard Express

Love playing games on your iPhone? Most people do, but it can be hard to find some games that don’t get really boring after a few tries, or can be solved during a long car ride. Trainyard Express certainly cannot be classified as one of those iPhone apps.

So what’s the premise of Trainyard Express, at first, very simple, get the trains to the station. But, as the game progresses, the tracks get increasingly harder to master. And there is a second degree of difficulty, making sure each train gets to the station that is a corresponding color. So, the blue train must get to the blue station, yellow train to the yellow station and so on.

So you think you’ve got Trainyard Express mastered, watch out because another layer of complexity is thrown in, as the colors go beyond the standard primary colors to purple, green and orange. When the station is purple make sure to mix the red and blue trains at exactly the same time, or you’re sunk. Sounds simple, right? Well it’s not, but it is highly addictive!

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Trainyard Express (Best Free Apps)

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