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Access Files From Anywhere With SugarSync

Is there anything better in this new tech world than free cloud backup? I think not. This is why SugarSync is such a great tool on my iPhone and has turned into one of my favorite apps. I use SugarSync as a one stop way to get access to any files I have on my computer or iPad.

Now, I never have to worry about traveling on business and having an important document on my computer at the office, I can use this app to make sure every file I need is always accessible.

Maybe my favorite feature of this app is that I can use it as a backup for my music and photo collections. I’ve had a computer crash before and lost hundreds of pictures that were stored on the hard drive. But, with SugarSync, I can transfer my photos via the cloud to be backed up and never have to worry about losing pictures again.

What I also love is that this app is easy to use, with a really simple and user friendly interface, I was up and running with it in no time at all.

Click here to download this app for free!

SugarSync (Best Free Apps)

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