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Photos + Twitter = Pixable, #Awesome

Yep, basically, this app is like Twitter for pictures. That’s pretty #sweet.

It takes photos that friends have posted on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and vimeo and collects them into one place for me. Also, which is why you’ll think about twitter, you can add hashtags to your photos for identification. This in turn helps you find similar photos in your stream, sort your photos, and more.

Not only that, but I can scroll through things like the most popular photos and videos, I hate it when my friends post a great picture or video on Twitter and I miss out on the conversation. That never happens anymore because those shots are right there for me in Pixable. And, when I do comment on a photo or video, Pixable syncs it to both my Facebook and Twitter streams, multi-tasking at its finest!

As always, you can get it for free – click here!

Pixable (Best Free Apps)

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