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Expand Your Musical Universe With Pandora

Sure, you’ve got Spotify that’s pretty popular, but I have a weak spot for Pandora. The best thing about it is the customization. You find and setup “radio stations” of your favorite bands and singers, and the app finds songs and artists that are similar in style and create a playlist out of that.

It’s an amazing way of discovering new artists that you probably would’ve never otherwise come across. It makes listening to music a lot more fun that listening to a per-determined playlist. I’ve come across some high-quality music because of this app and my music universe has expanded.

The app is easy to understand and displays not only artwork but you can often find a short introductory blurb about what you’re listening to – useful for when a completely new artist comes up that you’re curious about.

Also, the app is also integrated with the web, so any changes or additions I make on Pandora online, I will get on my Pandora app as well.

Get the free app right here!

Pandora (Best Free Apps)

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