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Read Kindle Books On Your iPhone & iPad!

You don’t need a Kindle to read ebooks from – you can use the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad! It’s completely free, too.

I already own a Kindle, and it’s great, can’t complain – but I also spend a lot of time on my iPhone, reading books and magazines I bought via iTunes.

So, I decided to download the Kindle app and see if I can just have all my reading material on my iPhone – and it works out great. The best part is that I also have continued access to millions of books and magazines from

But – and this is what I love about this app – it automatically syncs my last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across all devices I use it on! I can start reading on my laptop, continue on my Kindle, and then pick it right up where I left it on my iPhone.

I can’t recommend this app enough, access to a ton of content via, easy to use, and the sync capabilities are ridiculously good benefits.

Get the Kindle app for free, here.

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