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The Ultimate Travel Planner App!

I’ve been a huge fan of the travel site Kayak for a while now. It’s easy to navigate, fast search, always gives me such a wide range of results, and helps me compare all the prices available. I mean, it’s pretty powerful to be able to compare hundreds of travel sites at the same time.

Well, now I can get the same results, same power, in my iPhone! I can do this on the fly. In fact, it came in handy a few months ago, when my flight got canceled and the airline (shall remain nameless) wanted to put me on a terrible flight (red-eye, bad connections). So, I hopped on Kayak, did a quick search, got my refund, and booked a much better flight, thanks to Kayak.

You can compare all kinds of deals, like hotel, car rental, and flights. Also, which I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago – you can track your flight status, too. Not only that, but you can access all the travel information you need, like airline numbers, airport info, baggage fees, and so on.

I can’t recommend this app enough!

Download Kayak app for FREE right here!

Kayak (Best Free Apps)

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