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Have A Mobile Library In Your Pocket With iBooks

I’m a huge reader, I usually have at least one book (and sometimes more) being read at a time. Having an interface to use to be able to read my books on the go is a must for me. When I travel for business I do not want to be carrying books around in my luggage – especially now with all the extra weight and size fees they are  hitting us with! So, for me, iBooks is a life saver.

I really enjoy the look of the app too, I can organize all my books in my library in the order that I want, and I never have to scroll around looking for a book or document. What I also love is that I can get pdf’s on iBooks as well. Any important documents from work, or even industry whitepapers, I can just upload and then view on my iPhone or iPad.

I love not having to carry around a bunch of different laptops, phones, eReaders, etc. I can get everything I need on just one device which is super convenient.

Click this link to download iBooks for free!

iBooks (Best Free Apps)

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