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Create Animated Photo’s With Flixel

Remember animated GIF’s? Images that have that have other images put together into one to create a short animated photo. You might’ve come across Cinemagraphs, which has taken it to a whole new level. Well, with Flixel, you can turn your iPhone camera into a photo animation studio. And it has made the process incredibly simple.

Just take a photo, and the app captures a handful of video frames and process them for you (including image-stabilize it). The fun begins when you start to animate the GIF. Simply rubbing your fingertip over the image will animate that portion, which allows you to get some subtle effects, like a flickering candle flame. You can also choose the start and end frame, repeat or, even better, loop it back and forth  (to avoid jarring cuts in the animation).

I’m completely hooked on creating these animated GIF’s.

As always, click this link to download Flixel!
Flixel (Best Free Apps)

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