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Remember & Collect Everything You See – Sync To All Devices!

So, I used to surft the internet, read really interesting articles, watch hilarious videos, take notes on things I should do and follow-up on, see funny pictures and try to remember all of it! I didn’t always want to bookmark, or I forgot where I found them, not remember why I bookmarked something, and I’d purge my history before I had a chance to go back – and often, it’s a hassle to look through your web history!

Enter Evernote. My surfing and research has changed for the better ever since I started using this app.

Basically, Evernote is a note taker – but it’s more than that, and best of all, it’s cloud based. You can install it as a browser extension and start adding websites, photos, notes, and more – and access it anywhere with the app, like on your iPhone!

You can create to-do lists, task lists, and text notes on the fly. I can also record voice and audio notes, which is very convenient. The app is easy to use with a clear interface. I don’t get lost in it and can easily find my notes and do what I want with them.

You can use it for so many different reasons and tasks, like research (add some photos to it), take class notes, create drafts, organize receipts, capture ideas, keep track of products and prices when shopping.

It’s such a powerful app with so many usages, and I can’t live without it on my iPhone.

Download Evernote for FREE right here!

Evernote (Best Free Apps)

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