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Use Robots To Find Stuff For You, All Over The World

Ok, I’m obsessed, take Dokobots away from me! Actually, no don’t, otherwise I’d really miss my bots. Unlike many other games on the market, Dokobots utilizes the real world. I can send my created bots out on adventures, but if I get bored with them or want a new bot, or even find hidden treasures, all I have to do is head outside.

Using geotagging, I can pick up new or dropped off Dokobots on my way to work, or the supermarket, it’s a really fun way to explore my area. It is cool because when a bot is created, the creator makes a little backstory, so it’s pretty fun to check out what the original owner had in store for his bot.

My favorite feature of this game is that I can send my bots on flights around the world to be deposited in other cities. So, if I live in a place that doesn’t have many bots around, I can send mine to Spain, or NYC. My other favorite option is the photo journal. I can take a picture of my bot hanging out at the beach, or having drinks at a cafe and then share it via social media.

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Dokobots (Best Free Apps)

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