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Yes, I’m Just Happy To See You & There’s A Reward In My Pocket…

I wish I had started using this app sooner. With AwardWallet, you basically keep track of all rewards, bonus, loyalty programs, frequent flyer miles that you’re signed up for. It collects them all in one spot – with access to your balances, bonus points, reward numbers, and all the information you might be looking for.

You do have to create an account at, but it’s well worth it to do so. Trust me, I used to go to every single site to check up on things, or often didn’t even bother. With this app, though, I have them all at hand, any time. It also gives you a detailed view of any reward program. You can also manage the loyalty programs.

It can be really hard to remember how many points I have in what programs and if they expire or even if I’m missing out on a way to redeem them.

With AwardWallet, I can track not only the typical awards like airline points, I can keep track of my credit card points, restaurant dining points, shopping rewards, and even some affiliate programs. The great feature on AwardWallet is that it shows me when I’ve added any points or removed any points, and when these points expire, so I can really focus on not losing any of the points I’ve earned.

AwardWallet (Best Free Apps)

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