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Take Panorama Photos And Stitch ‘Em Up!

One of the best free photography and panorama apps on the market. It allows you to automatically stitch photographs just by moving side to side. It offers 3D view of the saved photos and a way to auto-crop the photos and save them to your gallery so you can use them with other apps like Instagram.

It’s so easy to capture panoramas of people, places, and events. Not only do you go left to right but you can also add to the photo by going up and down! Not many photo apps can do this. You can also view the full panorama right away.

Also, and this is worth to mention: the stitching capabilities are amazing. I rarely, if ever, notice where the photo is stitched (put together). It’s, for all I can tell, completely seamless.

The app also lets you share your panorama via email, for example, or also on!

It’s FREE!

Get Photosynth via iTunes.

Photosynth (Best Free Apps)

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