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It’s Like CouchSurfing 2.0, Sort Of

With AirBnB, you can find accommodation just about anywhere you’re traveling to – and not from the usual list of hotels and hostels. Basically, it’s a marketplace of people who have beds, private rooms, or homes available for someone to stay at, usually at a better rate than a hotel. In that sense, it’s like Craigslist. AirBnB also facilitates all payments, so it’s safe and secure.

Anyone can list, book, or find all kinds of spaces, and the app is very easy to use for this. You can also book directly from it, which is very convenient, and message your hosts, access your itinerary (and find directions!). The app itself is beautiful with lots of photos, maps, and an interface that’s mostly intuitive.

Operating in a variety of budgets, AirBnB gives the option to find places that are diverse and interesting, and an added bonus is that many of these places come with a built in tour guide – the owner, who can provide a wealth of information about the area.

You can also find the app in different languages, like German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

Click here to download the app for free.

AirBnB (Best Free Apps)

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